NewZealand-the heaven on the earth

NewZealand-the heaven on the earth

Nugget Point lighthouse

Nugget Point LightHouse

      God must have been to New Zealand before he created heaven.New Zealand is a photogenic country that offers both local and international tourists unbeatable experiences during their adventure. From mountains to thermal regions, untouched wilderness, glaciers and mouthwatering cuisines, there is no doubt that this island nation is heavenly. However, the success of your holiday in this beautiful country may hinge depending on where you stay. Here is a list of the top resorts you should consider during your stay in New Zealand. Resorts in Nugget Point Light House There is no better place to view New Zealand’s spectacular nature other than at the iconic Nugget Point Lighthouse also known as Tokata Lighthouse. The Grand Lucayan resort is surrounded with rich wildlife as you can view a wide range of seabird species. At the rock stacks, you will get a perfect view of the famous kekeno (New Zealand fur seals). If it is summer, you may want to head to Otago Coast which is a few minutes from the resort and experience the large shearwater flocks covering the ocean. Enjoy a breathtaking walk from the Dolphin Cove Resort towards the Lighthouse as you pass through the strong winds of this remote coastline resort. If you have watched the film Lord of Rings and Two Little Boys you have to go to the Lighthouse and get a primary experience of the scenes in the movies.


Franz Josef Glacier

      Resorts in Franz Josef Glacier Located in Franz Josef Glacier, Franz Josef Oasis is only 10 km from the iconic Glacier of Hot Pools. The resort prides itself of the multilingual staff who are committed to offering the best customer service. Whether you speak Spanish, French, Latino or English, you will be served by a staff who understands your language. After a long day of exploring the city’s local ecology along the Waiho River, the West Coast Wildlife Centre or hiking to the Franz Josef Glacier, With its deep crevasses and scenic beauty, Glacier View Resort is considered as Westland’s jewel.

pool in Orakei Korako Cave & Thermal Park


Resorts in Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland The name onderland’ perfectly describes the nature surrounding Solitaire Lodge. Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland showcases the country’s fascinating topography.

Waitomo Caves

Resorts in Waitomo Caves Waitomo Glowworm Caves is listed among the top tourist destinations in New Zealand due to its illuminating glowworms that fly above your head as you ride through the grotto. This starry wonderland marvels you gaze through Mother Nature. To get the knock of the stalagmites, you have to take a scary yet worthwhile boat ride tour from Waitomo Caves Hotel to the caves.






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